Dave Gasser

Dave Gasser



I was born and raised in Ohio and moved to beautiful, sunny GA 3 years ago with my wife, Anne, and our 5 kids. Anne is a middle school Spanish teacher. Our kids are Jude, Aysha, Aliya, Aspyn and Amyah. We love spending time together as a family!



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Set Apart Roofing

Set Apart Roofing


15 Perry Street, Suite 465
Newnan, GA 30263



Endorsement Letters I've Received

One Referral Trigger question answer that has become an integral part of my communication with prospects and customers is

"What materials are you going to use?" 

When I meet with customers now I try to answer this question before it becomes a question on their tongues. I lay out a plan for their roof as quickly as I can and give them their options for what materials THEY would like to use. I give them all of their options and let them answer the question of what materials we are going to use before they even have to ask it. 

It often looks like a conversation like this:

1) Your current roof has 3 tab shingles. I would recommend going back on with an architectural shingle! It takes you from a 25 year / 60mph wind rating  shingle to a 50 yr / 130 mph wind rating.

2) If it is an insurance claim, they typically pay for 3 tab shingles,  I let the HO know that they may pay a small upgrade charge, and we can install architectural shingles which includes a better warranty. 

3) We mostly use Owens Corning Products - However we have access to whatever shingle is needed to do the work! If doing a repair, I let the HO know that we will do our best to get the same shigles, however it will not be a perfect match

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