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Xavier Reed

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I'm a family man with a lovely girlfriend and two wonderful young daughters. I'm also an animal lover with two dogs, a cat and a sulcata tortoise. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, kayaking, or practicing archery and marksmanship!


When I gave a 7 Minute Presentation on the Department of Transportation's rule changes requiring new, updated estimates be provided for interstate moves any time the shipper (customer) makes any changes to the goods being shipped; a feed forward card stated that adjusting estimates to best match a customers situation post my in-home consultation with them. This question not only prompted my next 7 Minute be on tailoring estimates to fit my customer's needs, but it also prompted me to add to my talking points when discussing the estimation process with my clients. I now encourage the customer to keep an open dialouge with me so I may provide them with updated estimates any time they experience a change in move dates, addresses, budget, or the specific items to be moved.

I used this tactic most notably with a client who originally had an estimated budget of $15,000; but due to some unrelated and unforseen circumstances had her budget reduced to $10,000. I was however able to keep the conversation going and revise the estimate down from the original three turcks, to two and in the end, come in under budget at about $9,000.

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Two Men And A Truck

Two Men And A Truck


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I provide moving, relocation and storage services for families, lone wolves and businesses in the greater Atlanta area! I tailor the moving experience to best fit each clients needs by walking with them step-by-step through the entire process!


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