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Adam Wilkinson



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Draconis Arms

Draconis Arms




InfoMinute Seminar 08/16/2021
Orientation Essentials 08/16/2021
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 08/16/2021


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Shelby Behret

Shelby Behret

Joined on 07/23/2021


It is very important for me to get to know each of my customers to understand what they need from me. Some customers know exactly what they want from years of experience and/or diligent research. These customers often need help finding a hard to find item or recommendations for accessories or the next new gun. Other customers think they know exactly what they want bc they heard somewhere that XYZ is the best gun for carry, or for women, etc. My job is to know my customers so that I can tell the difference. XYZ might be the best option for an experienced shooter but may be a terrible choice for a first time shooter/gun owner. It may be difficult to shoot or uncomfortable to carry and if it isn't comfortable or inspire confidence, my customer won't enjoy or carry their purchase. When meeting a new customer for the first time I talk to them about their needs, the purpose for their purchase, and their experience. By taking the time to get to know where my clients are and meeting them there, I ensure that they have the best experience possible and most importantly, enjoy their purchase for years to come.

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