Angela Baptiste, MBA

Angela Baptiste, MBA

Life Coach

With over 3 decades of experience, I live my passion helping others achieve their goals and dreams using tried and true principles. Angela is passionate about maintaining a positive mindset and lives by the mantra, “whatever you feed grows”


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Our clients become better leaders, be intentional with their growth plan, increase their self-awareness, be accountable, build their confidence, and shun their limiting beliefs, establish goals, make strategic plans, identify and eliminate barriers,


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Reviewing the notes from my previous session with my client prior to the next session is one action that I implement, I allocate 20-30 minutes for this process : This allows me to better challenge coachee based on what they have said their goals and action plans were.

They identified these goals in order to achieve the outcomes they desire and get to the next level. Being able to state back their dreams, vision etc proves to be a powerful way of reminding coachee of the direction and path they outlined.

This allows me to hold them accountable and determine if there are changes.. need for realignment.. change of course 

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