Barbara Sobel

Barbara Sobel

Waterproofing and Foundation Repair


Thoughtful, extroverted, and energetic best describe my personality. I have a passion for helping people and go the extra mile to help my customers. Loving life in downtown Woodstock married 27 yrs to my college sweetheart with 2 kids and our dog Cooper.


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Rx Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Rx Waterproofing and Foundation Repair


1339 Canton Road
Marietta, Georgia 30066

My best clients are homeowners, commercial property owners, or property managers who want a certified company that will mitigate and restore their property to pre-loss condition while helping them navigate every step of the insurance claims process.


As a small, boutique waterproofing and foundation repair company one of the tools we implemented is using the phone receptionist services of Inellegent Office owned by Richard Rehme, Alpharetta PowerCore Team. Having an outside reception service has allowed my sales team to focus on the customer in front of them, rather than dealing with the constant interruption of calls to make a consultation appointment. Also, the caller gets a better first impression because their call.ia answered by a live person ready to handle their question and make an appointment rather than their call going to voice mail, wondering if they will ever receive return phone call. Once they become a customer, they have a direct phone number to call their project manager with questions during the repair process. 

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