Brian Moon

Brian Moon



For me life is about the love we give to people, friends, and family. I was blessed while balancing college and career to be a loving, primary caregiver for my mother for 15 years before her passing. I enjoy sports, music, travel, and working out now


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My culture is built around consultative selling and service. I use the relationship tactic of consultative selling to get to know the expressed and not expressed needs of my clients and prospects so that I can devise a plan that helps people.  I use this approach so I am not advising someone of something that he or she does not need at the time. I believe no one wants to be sold to because it makes you feel as if you are a number, but I feel everyone wants the right advice that makes him or her make better financial decisions and have financial confidence.  The service aspect of it is that I believe that I am here for a greater purpose and that purpose is to serve people by helping people become financially sound. Service for me is not about only being nice, smiling, listening, and being friendly that is only the minimum we all should expect as being a human being, for me service is going the extra mile for the client so if I have to drive 50 miles to close your loan with me I will do it. If I have to stay late after the bank closes to meet with you and establish your relationship then I will do it. If you need me to look over your credit report, statements, and other financial documents for a hour or two in my office then I will do it. All of these things build loyalty and trust and this is why I have this culture and coach my staff to have the same values

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SouthState Bank

SouthState Bank


3953 Lavista Road
Tucker, GA 30084


My best clients are those who want a banking relationship with me that includes their loan and checking accounts whether it is a Consumer or Small Business. I educate and deliver results for my clients they typically can not find elsewhere


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Dr. Quentre Shannon

Dr. Quentre Shannon


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