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Bridget Cantrell

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Hey, there! I love all things around water - the beach, the lake, a pool, floating down the river, #AllTheWater. Yes, I'm Pisces, and ironically - a turrrible swimmer. Lazy lounging is the answer to all life's concerns.


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BridgWorks "does the work" and also educates clients how to do the work themselves in the future if they choose. We understand that what we do (organize, stage, style, and move homes) is therapy as much as it's knocking something off a To Do list.


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BridgWorks ( consistently posts a helpful tip every day across the most widely used social media platforms. 

Yes, we do "the actual work" to help clients organize, stage, style, and move their homes - but we also educate clients so that they know why we follow steps we do.  We explain the whole process no matter where they are in the process.

Organizing, decluttering, and staging are an art; a science; active therapy.

Educating (and organizing) a client's mind is sometimes the biggest and most important step to getting rid of physical clutter.

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