Bridgette Ochoa

Bridgette Ochoa

Health and Wellness Coach


I have lived in 13 different cities and consider myself a citizen of the universe. I solo travel my favorite was to Bali. I consider myself an explorer of places, people, and ideas.


Bridge Ayurveda, LLC

Bridge Ayurveda, LLC


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D chose to work first on insomnia. There were other things, the most important to her was being able to sleep. She is fun and open and interested and interesting and happy now that she is rested!


InfoMinute Seminar 04/18/2022
Orientation Essentials 04/18/2022


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Steve Perry, EA

Steve Perry, EA

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Insomnia is two different problems:

1. Going to sleep 

2. Staying asleep

Difficulty going to sleep tends to be a Pitta mind/ body type issue. These people may be kept up by thinking of their to-do list for tomorrow, work issues, re-hashing an experience at work. This is common if someone is working past 7pm staring at screens/ lights. 

Difficulty staying asleep tends to be a Vata mind/type issue. These people have light and sound sensituve sleep. They are more prone to anxiety or nervous system disorders.

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