Cindy Hicks

Cindy Hicks


I am a wife and a mom of 3 boys, 1 in the Army and 2 still at home. I love playing tennis and spending time with friends and family. I have a passion for helping people. I love working with numbers and seeing the end result of finished projects.


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Bookkeeping is the backbone of any successful business. It involves carefully recording and organizing financial transactions, tracking income and expenses, and maintaining accurate records. By providing a clear financial picture, bookkeeping empowers businesses to make informed decisions, ensures tax compliance and supports the overall financial health of an organization. Cheryl wanted to sell her business but when a buyer came to look at the financials records, they were unhappy that Cheryl's books were so unorganized. She had expenses and sales that were never posted therefore Cheryl's business showed a loss on the books. The Business was was worth the asking price according to the records therefore Cheryl was not able to find a buyer. I am a good referral for any company that wants to know its new worth or wants to maintain a clear financial position of their organization. I am Cindy, Owner of JP Enterprises Tax Services.


In accounting/Bookkeeping I will go over every aspect of your business to truly understand your business so we can make sure, we get the correct software for you.  Then we

will make sure that we truely understands what it takes to run your business so we can be prepared to properly to do your bookkeeping.  Without knowing the business you

you cannot truly know how to catagorize, tax prep, budget and make sure you treat the business as if it were our own. If you always think of it as YOUR profit/Income , you wil always

go the extra mile to make sure that everything runs smoothly and will always be thinking of the best interest for the client's company.

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JP Enterprises Tax Services

JP Enterprises Tax Services


Fayetteville, GA 30215


My best clients are companies that are busy and do not have time to run their back office.


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