Connie Cooke

Connie Cooke

Massage Therapist

I enjoy helping people realize the benefits of good health. I've worked in both the finance and medical field, I love nature & enjoy camping, archery, darts, and hiking. I was born in London, England, lived in NYC, & now I happily reside in GA.


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Reformation Health Massage

Reformation Health Massage


2151 Fountain Drive
Pinnacle Suites # 301
Snellville, GA 30039


My clients care about their health and want to be their best at any age. If someone has a back, hip, or knee issue, even a short walk can be painful . My goal is to help rid them of the pain and help them return to the activities they enjoy.


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Selma Gilcrease

Selma Gilcrease


Earl visited the office last week and asked if I would treat his lower back / hands & feet (for neuropathy) and Right Leg, for regular cramping:

Earl said "I need to schedule additional appointments so that I can keep my muscles in shape.' My lower back pain is now gone, and I can feel the blood circulating to my hands and feet."

Now Earl can  resume his Home Reneovation projectects & no doubt he'll reach his deadline sooner than expected, because working without pain will allow him to speed up the process.

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