Cory Blum

Cory Blum


Avid learner, devoted father, ping pong player & sports aficionado with a passion for healthy living and helping people.


My approach to health insurance is simple and twofold: insure my clients healthcare needs are met while saving them as much money as possible. The extra ingredient, though, is customer service. Long after a client's policy is already in place, I make myself available as a resource whenever they have questions, concerns or, even on occasion, claims disputes. My clients all have my personal number and full access to me 7 days a week, which never costs them a penny.

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Noble Roofing

Noble Roofing

2862 laureate ct
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My clients understand that health insurance can be a bit confusing, even overwhelming. They trust & know that I will hold their hand & walk them through the process, taking time to ensure they're in the right situation for their specific needs & budget


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