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Donna Wise

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I'm a free spirit who believes in any excuse for a celebration. Life is too short not to have fun. I love long walks and spinning tall tales, especially over a refreshing drink on a socially distanced patio. What's your story? I'll help you write it.


Many of my customers are ecommerce business owners who are still refining their websites and deciding how best to configure their shopping carts. Some of them wear many hats and try to do it themselves while many realize that it may be best to solicit the help of professionals. I maintain a network of reliable and talented web developers that I recommend, based on the platform and desired results. It's a win-win and I typically make the introduction by email along with a link to their portfolio or references.

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2667 Stonebrook Court NE
Roswell, GA 30075


My customers are competitive industry leaders that need more time and resources to focus on being the best. They provide top notch service and excellent value to their customers, so seamless and affordable logistics is critical to their success.


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