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I'm a free spirit who believes in any excuse for a celebration. Life is too short not to have fun. I love long walks and spinning tall tales, especially over a refreshing drink on a socially distanced patio. What's your story? I'll help you write it.


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My customers are competitive industry leaders that need more time and resources to focus on being the best. They provide top notch service and excellent value to their customers, so seamless and affordable logistics is critical to their success.


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Value is subjective for each of my InXpress shipping clients.

1. Some customers value their TIME above all else, preferring solutions that take work off their plates and allow them to focus on their own core value. For these clients we provide a one-stop shop for all quoting, booking, billing, tracking and dispute resolution. We are their advocate - an extension of their team, always looking out for their best interest and handling all inquiries on their behalf. 

2. Other customers value CONTROL and insight. They want to know exactly how everything works and to have up-to-date knowledge of the entire process. For these customers we take an educational approach, sharing online tools, research and information that will help them to quickly become experts in logistics. 

3. Then, there are clients who understandly care primarily about finding the most cost-effective solutions to improve their BOTTOM LINE numbers. For these customers, our focus is on extending our volume discounts and shopping around to find the most affordable shipping solutions. We make recommendations on ways to save and ensure they are getting the most for their money. 

I first listen to understand my client's definition of value and customize a solution to deliver what they want.

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