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Dontrell Ham


I am an identical twin. I am an avid outdoors enthusiast. I hike weekly, enjoy any obstacle courses, and use nature as my meditation. I enjoy entertaining, game nights, and bringing friends together when I have down time. Challenge me.


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Roofing Done Wright


800 Battery Ave SE
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30339


I specialize in being the support necessary when finding ways to protect homeowners' investment from the top down. I offer homeowners peace of mind when dealing with insurance or fixing roofing, gutter, and chimney needs from leaks to full replacements.


What's in an assessment

Assessments are given in a general phase in our inspections but get more detailed when writing a full report. What's the age of the roof, what type of shingle is it, is it up to ga code, and a synopsis of any attention needed.

I find that with roofing, you always learn. I value the training I get monthly from RDW.

I inspected a roof for Sheila in good condition overall but needed a few items to attend to. An area of fascia needed to be replaced and a few shingles that were damaged. The client was quick to schedule the repairs the day of closing.
I'm a good referral for Amy …who is closing on a home for her client and wants to make sure the roof will last a minimum of 5 years after purchase. Text Amy my number immediately and have her call or text.


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