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Dontrell Ham


I am an identical twin. I am an avid outdoors enthusiast. I hike weekly, enjoy any obstacle courses, and use nature as my meditation. I enjoy entertaining, game nights, and bringing friends together when I have down time. Challenge me.


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Roofing Done Wright

Roofing Done Wright


800 Battery Ave SE
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30339


I specialize in being the support necessary when finding ways to protect homeowners' investment from the top down. I offer homeowners peace of mind when dealing with insurance or fixing roofing, gutter, and chimney needs from leaks to full replacements.


A Change order is needed

My name is Dontrell with Roofing Done Wright. Sometimes when writing quotes for repairs I have to put in a change order clause because there could be unforeseen repair work during the breakdown process of a repair or roof build. Ms. T house was overdue for much maintenance. I am naturally competitive and that helps me put forethought into my actions. During the tear off for a gutter install, we found that all the fascia needed replacement and about 20 more feet of soffit over the quoted footage. Being present I walked her through the new damage and why an increase in cost was necessary. We came to an agreed amount and continued the work that we will wrap up today. I'm a great referral for Danielle who takes care of her elderly parents She wants peace of mind when making decisions Tell her that I enjoy neighborhood walks and porch conversations. Connect us through 3 way text or IG


Ellena- Property and Casualty Insurance 

All our clients have a roof to maintain

We both deal with new homeowners, home sellers, and real-estate agents.


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