Dr. Brandon Faieta

Dr. Brandon Faieta



When I am not in the office I am usually spending time with my wife, Shaleigh and our dogs Cannoli and Lupo. If you're feeling froggy I never back down from a 1 v 1 basketball match, especially if a bets involved. But watch out! I wager burpees and situps


AlignLife of Sugar Hill

AlignLife of Sugar Hill


5422 GA-20
Ste 1A
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

People wanting to get out of pain and experience a healthier version of themselves. We offer an integrative approach to HEALTH care which includes chiropractic, functional med, and StemCell and decompression therapy-seeing the body as the sum of its parts


InfoMinute Seminar 09/20/2021
Orientation Essentials 09/20/2021


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I typically text the a member of my team once I make the referral and make a note in my phone for Tuesday morning to fill out a referral record. If I have an idea pop into my head I use an app on my phone that will alert me to bring it back up to that potential referral at the next preferred time 

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