Eleanor Thompson

Eleanor Thompson



I am a tennis-playing and choir-singing wife, mother and grandmother who loves the flexibility of being self-employed. My favorite weekend is spent in a rustic cabin with a small lake that sits on a 200-acre piece of land and has no internet access.


Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/21/2020
Best Client Workshop 06/15/2020
Orientation Essentials 12/18/2017
InfoMinute Seminar 12/18/2017


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ARTS Printing

ARTS Printing


470 Satellite Blvd. NE
Suite G
Suwanee, Ga 30024


Sarah is the organized owner of a service business in Duluth. She keeps a spreadsheet of the printed materials that she needs, including carbonless forms, envelopes, tags, brochures and note cards. An email to place an order makes her life easier.


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AlphaTester 12/07/2021


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TeamCoOrdinator 12/07/2020
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5-year Pin 12/06/2022
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Andrew  Young

Andrew Young

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Meridith Simes

Gary Willie

Gary Willie

Dr. Brandon Faieta

Dr. Brandon Faieta


If I am meeting with a current client, I pull the file of their previous print projects so that I can review what we have done for them in the past. In most cases, I know ahead of time if our discussion will be about a brand new project, or if it's something similar to one we have already produced. I check digital files to make sure that I have them, and they are up to date, and I pull previous samples to familarize myself with paper and other details. When I'm meeting with a potential new client, I prepare by asking them to email whatever digital files they might have so that I'll know in advance what the scope of the project is. That allows me to make better recommendations regarding paper and finishing work.

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