Francisco Neri

Francisco Neri


If it involves good food, extreme sports, or a dance floor, I'm there! When helping my clients, I'm trying new restaurants, practicing martial arts, or having a good time out with my friends. Looking forward to more international trips in 2022.


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Movement Mortgage

Movement Mortgage

1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30338



Templates Templates Templates! Generally speaking, my referral partners (primarily realtors) have already considered me as a good option for their clients by the time I hear about it. In order to facilitate the connection a bit more easily, I will often write them a personalized template that they can save & continually use when connecting me with a potential customer. I also have templates that I use in order to refer them to preferred vendors of mine later in the process. 

As busy professionals, it is important that we try to "one-time" some of the tasks that we catch ourselves doing regularly...just not to the point where we lose our personal touch with those who we serve!

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