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Greg Jordan

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Fish Window Cleaning

Fish Window Cleaning


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As sad as it is to say, my extra ingredient is responsiveness. I respond to every customer phone call. I even respond to calls that are from prospects in another FISH territory. I also makes sure even if the prospect isn’t for me, I capture all the customer information for the appropriate FISH franchisee.

I provide quotes for routine jobs within 24 hours although I get most estimates back the same day by close of business. If the job is complex, I give the customer a date, so they know when to expect the quote. If I fall behind, I let the customer know. If the customer requires services, I don’t provide than I try to refer them to an appropriate vendor.

I make sure my quotes are complete and include what services are covered versus items not included. I ensure that my quote will meet the customer needs. I will add suggested items for the customer as line items so they can add additional tasks if they choose. I ensure that I set expectations, so the customer knows the result once the work is completed.

Once the job is scheduled, I make sure the cleaners know about any special items the customer needs. If we are going to be late or have weather issues, I inform the customer. If there are weather issues, I have an alternate date for the customer and will give them priority if they have a date they need to plan for.

After the job is complete, I call the customer to follow up to ensure their expectations were met. If there are issues, I provide a date for a follow up visit. I assign that date a high priority.

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