Jamecia Bowers

Jamecia Bowers

Cosmetics & Skin Care

I am a Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist with a love of all things beautiful, from makeup to décor! I am happiest when I have to be creative. The purpose I live by is to show the beauty in others and myself.


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In order to maintain focus in my business I use a software system that helps me keep track of what works and what doesn't. For example, I can see reports on which services are the most popular and which are the least. Knowing these types of statistics help me to budget and know what products are necessary to keep in stock and which can be kept in smaller amounts so that it can be used before expiration. It also helps me know which services are just taking up space on the menu and produce little to no value for the business. Having this system is invaluable when it comes to maintaining products and services.  Jamecia Bowers

Beauty by Bowers Day Spa


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Beauty by Bowers Day Spa

Beauty by Bowers Day Spa


2310 2nd St.
Unit A
Tucker, GA 30084


My best clients are those that take care of others. From teachers, care takers and health care professionals to busy parents, I love to care for those who have devoted their lives to care for others.



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