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While assisting my client Lisa in understanding the different parts of Medicare and the best ways to take advantage of it per her individual lifestyle and needs, she talked about the importance of health and the negative mental impact COVID has left on her and those she serves full-time at her independent living senior community. Her ability to fulfill her positive leadership role in keeping others active and engaged was tired and burned-out.

Therefore, I mentioned the name of a fellow PowerCore Mary Kay consultant that offers free facials and spa-like events that can be done remotely or in-person. Lisa lit-up upon learning about this opportunity in hosting relaxing, self-care events for her 150+ resident population. I also got the contact information of the department's organized assistant and contacted her directly, which led to an opportunity to assist her brother with his COBRA insurance. Lastly, a friendly, engaging email with their contact information was sent to formally introduce them, as promised.

Supporting my client personally and professionally by connecting her with a fellow PowerCore member that also offers pampering opportunities to lift disheartened individuals' spirits is a win-win-win!

Jamie Wheeler



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