Jamie Wheeler

Jamie Wheeler

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We (my husband of 16+ yrs., son, & daughter) LOVE being outside! Learning ways to comprehensively support your clients, business, and you will be exciting in the near future! For coffees, which do you prefer: Remote or in-person? 678.910.0269 :)


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Health Insurance

Simplyfying the Medicare Maze By Breaking Down the Basics (Medicare 101)

Original Medicare: Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part D

Medicare Supplement / Medigap Insurance

U65 Health Insurance ~ Individuals Ineligible for Medicare

Life Insurance

Long-Term Care plans

Small Business Health Insurance

Indemnity Plans, i.e. Hospital, Critical Illness, etc.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Supplement Coverage

Disability Insurance

The Marketplace

Short Term Health Plans

Insurance for Clients with a Residence Permit / Authorization to Work Permit

Knowledge Saves Money ~ Explaining Insurance Industry Jargon

Filing Cabinet

Independent Health & Life Insurance Broker, specializing in Medicare

Independent Health & Life Insurance Broker, specializing in Medicare



Most personal bankruptcies result from medical bills. My daily top priority is creating easefulness with insurance, specifically: Medicare, The Marketplace, LTC, Life, Group, etc., and always saying 'no thank you' to expensive Cobra premiums!


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Tom Boyd

Tom Boyd


To first ensure clients get value when it comes to their health and life insurance coverage, especially as a Medicare specialist, listening and understanding is vitally important. Experience in eldercare management greatly assists, along with compassion and empathy. Next, after finding what is best for them per information discussed and gathered, it is equally important that they fully comprehend their coverage. That is why I thoroughly break-it-down, explaining it in easy-to-understand terminology with everyday examples. Support does not stop after enrollment. Clients know they can call me anytime with questions. 

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