Janine Walker

Janine Walker

Property & Casualty Insurance

I love to travel and spend time with my family & friends. When I am not busy crunching numbers to help my client's, I love practicing yoga with my students and helping people with their mental & physicals self.


Powercore offers a wide range of professionals with their own experiance which is a great resource to refer to anyone.  When Introduce a person, I want provide information as to "Why" we want to refer tothe speak, who is a great referral or gate opening and how the person benefits them in the referral them.  Referrals are three way and sharing inforatmion on the speaker doesn't only benefit them but the audiance can benefit as well.  I also want to share the standard of client that is great to refer because not all business is good business for the speaker and we want to spread quality referrals. 

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Insurance Network Group LLC

Insurance Network Group LLC


2386 Clower St
Snellville, GA 30078


I am a numbers geek. I have a accounting background that allows me to analyzes my clients' insurance needs and best scenario for them. I believe in educating my clients so they can make the best decision. My client appreciates understanding insurance.


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