Jayden Doye

Jayden Doye


My first memory is the first day of kindergarten, my dad said "Look son, if your teacher asks you where your school supplies are, tell her I don't get paid till Friday so she's gonna have to wait!" Since then, I've always been creative w/limited resources


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Prestige Accounting Solutions

Prestige Accounting Solutions


5784 Lake Forrest Dr.
Suite 236
Atlanta, GA 30328

Tax planning involves having quarterly meetings with a CPA to ensure income tax liabilities are minimized. Profitability planning involves creating a strategic plan to maximize productivity and profitability. We guide our BEST clients have the BEST plans!


Filling The Filing Cabinet WorkRoom 09/21/2020
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 09/21/2020
Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 08/17/2020
GateOpener Workshop 07/20/2020
Best Client Workshop 06/15/2020
InfoMinute Seminar 05/18/2020
Orientation Essentials 01/20/2020
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 01/20/2020
Platinum Card WorkRoom 01/20/2020


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Joined on 12/12/2019


MentorCoOrdinator 09/30/2021


Most recently, I sent a referral to Nance Donaldson, commercial realtor on our team. In our previous coffees, Nance was nice enough to show me her process to which she does research, compile results, presents prospective commercial spaces and then tours the space with the client. She also works closley with non-profits which speaks to her giving nature. The referral I sent is a insurance firm owner looking for commercial space for her growing business.  She is new to Georgia so I knew that she needed to work with someone that is very knowledgable and would not take advantage of her.

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