J.B. Kitts

J.B. Kitts

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I've been happily married for 32 years and love our two sons very much. I'm passionate about my faith, family, and football team (Go Vols!). In my free time I enjoy reading, camping, and playing golf.


Coach 04/10/2019


Kitts Essential Services

Kitts Essential Services


300 Downing Creek Trail
Canton, GA 30114

My clients enjoy saving money on services and utilities for their home; however, they prefer not sorting through endless advertisements or internet searches to do so. Cutting through the the complexity of finding those savings is our expertise.


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It's been a pleasure getting to know David Breeden. Although our businesses are vastly different, we do share a commonality and that is the desire for excellence in serving our clients. David enjoys trimming and cutting trees for his clients to beautify their landscape and I enjoy trimming and cutting the costs my clients spend on essential services in the home so that they can keep more money in their pocket. 

Something that many do not know is that I play the trumpet and enjoy listening to acclaimed musicians who play the trumpet such as Wynton Marsalis and Phil Driscoll. 

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