Jim Demetry

Jim Demetry

Business Attorney


A native of Michigan who hates cold weather, I moved to Atlanta after law school and never looked back. I enjoy home cooked meals and water sports with my wife Donna, two daughters and son-in-law, and a round of golf with friends and clients.


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Jinnie Schmid


I meet with clients at the outset of my representation and then periodically during the project.  At the outset of a project, whether it is concerning a claim by a former employee, a contract with a vendor, or the purchase of a business, my goal is to understand the facts, the client's business, and to discuss goals and possible outcomes.  Regardless of the type of legal issue the client has, decisions have to be made throughout the project.  I ask my clients to consider various options before our next meeting, and I develop recommendations for my clients that will result in favorable legal and business outcomes to consider throughout the project.  

After meeting with a client, I follow up in writing summarizing the important points of the meeting and timeframes for next steps in an effort to keep both of us on track. 

One of my ongoing goals is to keep the client informed during my representation so there are never any surprises.   

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Demetry, DeCarlo & Coffman, LLC

Demetry, DeCarlo & Coffman, LLC


3666 N. Peachtree Road
Suite 100
Chamblee, GA 30341

My clients appreciate that I understand their business and use plain English to explain legal issues. I avoid answering questions with "it depends," and make recommendations based on my experience as a former big law partner and General Counsel.



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