Jo Ann Labbie

Jo Ann Labbie

Business Consultant

I am passionate about helping others achieve their individual and business goals. I am a CPA and educator. I love to learn and share my knowledge with others. I enjoy being outdoors boating, kayaking, hiking, and playing tennis. Let's walk and talk.


I have not presented a 7-minute presentation about the rules related to continuing education credits for CPAs such as NASBA, AIPCA, GSCPA, and other regulatory bodies. Usually, the only people who care about Continuing Professional Education (CPE) are those with a license in the tax and accounting world, like CPA firms, Accounting Associations, and education providers. 

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Continuous Learning Opportunities, LLC (CLO, LLC)

Continuous Learning Opportunities, LLC (CLO, LLC)

3828 Brushy Ridge Way
Suwanee, GA 30024


I am a people and profit problem solver. I accomplish this by equipping, coaching, and advising leaders and their teams. My best clients are CPA firms who want to learn about leadership, building effective teams, and developing their connections.


Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/20/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 12/20/2021
InfoMinute Seminar 01/18/2021
7-Minute Presentation Workshop 01/18/2021
Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/21/2020
Orientation Essentials 03/16/2020
Platinum Card WorkRoom 03/16/2020
GateOpener Workshop 03/16/2020
Best Client Workshop 02/17/2020
InfoMinute Seminar 02/17/2020


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