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One of the very basic processes in being a remote receptionist is to confirm the information gathered on any given call. While this is a very basic and simple expectation of any receptionist, it has some genuine benefits that are not naturally thought about.

Let’s take a business that uses “voicemail” instead of a remote receptionist for example. The business’s overall goal in using “voicemail” is to ensure they do not miss a call that needs to be followed up on. However, a lot of times the caller tends to ramble and not know exactly what they've expressed and therefore ramble on even further. If the caller had feedback from a live receptionist, the message would have been a lot shorter. The extra time it takes to listen to all the rambling voice mails amasses over time. The extra time that it takes the person that follows up on the voice mails, takes away from higher priorities.

When a caller gets an accurate confirmation of their purpose for calling, there is a sense of being heard and understood. Even more important, is that the caller can correct any information that they may have miscommunicated accurately and efficiently.

The results for my clients are that they have a written, concise summary of their caller's needs. This allows my client to not only follow up on exactly what their callers requests are, but, they now have the ability to prioritize the timing for an adequate follow-up without interruption of their time.

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