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I have been in Atlanta since 1983 and graduated from Emory University. I have been married since 1993 and have two kids in college. Enjoy playing golf, tennis, softball and bowling. An active member of the Rotary Club of East Cobb.


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Jonathan, your mortgage guy. Interest rates remain at historic lows and the extremely hot seller’s market is resulting in multiple offers on most every listing. Buyers need to develop a strategy to make their offer standout. I use my Total Cost Analysis to help my clients see the impact of different scenarios so they feel comfortable making an aggressive offer if needed to win the deal. Steve is buying his first home. He was unsure how different down payment scenarios and different purchase prices would impact his budget. My Total Cost Analysis showed him how he could conserve cash of almost $10,000 and make an offer that was accepted by the seller. When your friends or relatives tell you they are interested in taking advantage of the low interest rates to buy their first home or next home, tell them you got a “Mortgage Guy” you will introduce them to. They will appreciate that you care enough to get them great advice.


Underwriting guidelines in the mortgage industry are meant to be applied fairly to all clients. An example where they would be different would be when two equally qualified borrowers with the same credit scores, debt-to-income, available assets and job stability want to buy the same home yet one wants the property for their primary residence and the other wants the property for investment. The pricing would be different as well as the required minimum down payment for each client based on the intended use of the property.

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First Federal Bank  Residential Lending Division

First Federal Bank Residential Lending Division


3010 Royal Blvd. South
Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30022


My clients are college graduates. Many travel abroad annually, love fine dining and are leaders in our community. They appreciate the higher level of advice and counsel I give them when getting a mortgage along with competitive pricing.


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