Jordan Kragten

Jordan Kragten

Personal Injury Attorney


Michael Smith's clients need guidance in what is possible and what is recommended in a kitchen or bathroom remodel.  Steps taken, or ignored, early on in the remodel can affect the final outcome several months down the road.  My clients also require guidance in how to proceed with their personal injury claim.  Educating my clients on possibilities and recommendations helps them make sound decisions which will set their claim up for success.  Both of our clients know that they don't know everything about the endeavour they are about to undertake and value the advice of someone who has been there many times before.  The demographics of our clients might differ in that Mike's clients who seek out a kitchen or bathroom remodel are homeowners and must have the ability to pay a deposit and, I assume, installment payments as the work progresses.  My clients do not have to be homeowners, vehicle owners, or have the ability to pay up front for me to pursue their claim.  Accordingly, I am able to work with a broader slice of the general public.

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