Lisa McGuire

Lisa McGuire

Strategy Consultant

I'm a natural connector and creator. I connect people, ideas, and pieces of fabric when I hand-applique table runners. There's nothing I love more than sitting under a beachfront umbrella with a book…well, except my two grandsons. They keep me moving!



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Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor & Marketing Consultant

Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor & Marketing Consultant


9190 Nesbit Lakes Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022


My clients are service-providers who struggle to reach their potential. They are held back by defining their value, communicating it to attract the right clients, and getting out of their own way. I help them get clear on how to put themselves out there.


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I have a CRM system that also allows me to track sales, segment tags, distribute emails, establish sales pages and create automated emails depending on how I want to schedule them. Hosting a weekly podcast provides me content to send out on a regular basis with valuable tips and inspiring ideas that demonstrate value, give listeners an idea of what it would be like to work with me, and keep my services top of mind. I also feature other business owners with stories to encourage my clients to see what is possible. 

My non-traditional workweek of Saturday - Wednesday gives me some additional options for coffee meetings and other networking. Along with the weekly "Your Passion, Purpose and Personal Brand podcast I also host regular challenges and workshops - Take Back Your Life. 

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