Lisa McGuire

Lisa McGuire

Strategy Consultant

I'm a natural connector and creator. I connect people, ideas, and pieces of fabric when I hand-applique table runners. There's nothing I love more than sitting under a beachfront umbrella with a book…well, except my two grandsons. They keep me moving!




Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor & Marketing Consultant

Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor & Marketing Consultant


9190 Nesbit Lakes Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022


My clients are service-providers who want their work to be so exciting that they can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. They struggle with how to be top of mind as a go-to expert in the marketplace without having to sacrifice who they are.


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I often get asked about who should create a personal brand and why they should do it. I've created a handout for my next 7 minute which will be our first IRL meeting in over two years. 

It was an idea generated out of my podcast (Your Passion, Purpose and Personal Brand) in which employees are leaving their companies in large numbers because of a lack of engagement, feeling respected, appreciatedm and alignment of purpose. I created a handout outlining the problem and connecting it to a solution business leaders can use. I was able to use it with a recent Rotary talk, and can then repurpose it for my PowerCore team to pass on to others that shows the statistics about why Americans want to create and value doing business with those who have an established personal brand. It will also be used when meeting with potential corporate clients to demonstrate how they can begin to pour into the professional and personal development of their employees as a retention strategy. 

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