Lisa McGuire

Lisa McGuire

Strategy Consultant

I'm a natural connector and creator. I connect people, ideas, and pieces of fabric when I hand-applique table runners. There's nothing I love more than sitting under a beachfront umbrella with a book…well, except my two grandsons. They keep me moving!


When clients have been struggling to grow their business they have often tried to fix it themselves (if they only knew what to do!) Once we start working together they are looking for some quick wins. As we continue (whether in coaching or on a strategy project) there are generally some tough decisions to make or work to be done. This is when I pause the process to remind the client just how much progress has been made. I ask them to think back to the time before we started working together and compare it to where we are now. I also ask them to answer the question "How much time would this have taken you if you had tried to do this alone? It is a wise practice to remind the client of the value-add they receive by working with us to give that momentum to carry the project forward.

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Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor & Marketing Consultant

Lisa McGuire, Business Growth Advisor & Marketing Consultant


9190 Nesbit Lakes Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022


My clients are service-providers who want their work to be so exciting that they can't wait to get out of bed in the morning. They struggle with how to be top of mind as a go-to expert in the marketplace without having to sacrifice who they are.


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