Luis Cotto

Luis Cotto

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I'm an oddball with a ton of hobbies. However, if I had to pick some that stand out it's that I am an avid outdoorsman. I love to camp, hike, fish, and shoot archery. I also enjoy restoring old cars and tasting new whiskey and beers.


  • Being punctual for meetings and calls: Showing up on time for scheduled meetings and calls demonstrates respect for the prospect or client's time and schedule.
  • Responding to emails and messages in a timely manner: Quickly responding to emails and messages shows that the prospect or client's inquiries are important and that their time is valued.
  • Being efficient during meetings and calls: Using the time during meetings and calls effectively, by staying on topic and addressing the important issues, is a respectful use of the prospect or client's time.
  • Following up in a timely manner: Following up with prospects and clients in a timely manner shows that their business is valued and that their time is respected by keeping them informed of the progress or next steps.

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Tech Support of Georgia

Tech Support of Georgia


1400 Market Place Blvd
Box 125
Cumming, Georgia 30041


I work with small to medium businesses as a managed IT, service provider. We monitor and manage all things IT, so clients don't have to. We work with business professionals with home offices. We bring commercial level IT support to residential clients.


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