Luis Cotto

Luis Cotto

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I'm an oddball with a ton of hobbies. However, if I had to pick some that stand out it's that I am an avid outdoorsman. I love to camp, hike, fish, and shoot archery. I also enjoy restoring old cars and tasting new whiskey and beers.


As an IT MSP I rely on an RMM tools that monitor my client's workstations, security, email security, tickets, and more. I track the amount of hardware issues, security issues and email phishing attempts for all my clients. Sepertitly I track the tickets that are generated after these events, and the duration of time spent repairing them. Once the tickets are closed they are run through an AI system that reads all the replies and tells me how the resolution was carried out and if the feeling was interpreted as a positive experience by the client. I used to depend on SLAs, and that only tells me That if the time to resolution is short the experience is good. Today I know that's not correct and my new AI reports have helped move me to an SLX model (Service Level Experience). I can also show this to new tech so they can see that we value our client experience over quick turnarounds with poor service. Because we track our client experience, we can reach out to any client we think may have experienced a poor result in service and correct this proactively. 

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Tech Support of Georgia

Tech Support of Georgia


1400 Market Place Blvd
Box 125
Cumming, Georgia 30041


I work with small to medium businesses as a managed IT, service provider. We monitor and manage all things IT, so clients don't have to. We work with business professionals with home offices. We bring commercial level IT support to residential clients.


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