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Our best clients are those who have not yet established a Trust or Estate Plan. Fidus Associates families establish Digital Living Trusts - the modern-day approach to estate planning . It's convenient, cost-effective, and valid in all 50 states!


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Michelle Hibbert

Michelle Hibbert


When discussing refundable tax credits, it is often necessary to quickly pivot from "description of value" to "objective-handling".

Case in point:

Me: "Under the ERTC, your business may be eligible for up to $26K per 2020/2021 W-2 employee"

Prospect: "Ive been told by others that we don't qualify"

Me: "What if you do?  You'd like to be sure, right?"

This pivot is preferable as it allows refocusing of the conversation back to the value proposition without the risk of disparaging the prospect's source of advice.

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