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During our first meeting, I normally ask new clients a few questions to gage their technological needs. Based on their answers to these questions, I will know if they are ready to move to the next level. How much time are you spending on your business' IT support? The more time a business owner spends troubleshooting tech problems, installing updates, responding to security threats, and resetting passwords; the less time they are spending working on their business objectives. Has this issue caused or will cause your business downtime? Significant or constant downtime can result in a business' financial loss and/or a bad customer experience. Have you tried to find the answer on Google? Let's face it, a quick Google search can yield a solution for some of the most basic tech issues. But when the solution isn't clear or it is labor intensive, it is time to consult an experienced technician. Bonus Questions: Would you like me to recommend some tools that can improve your business operation? The right technology is essential for moving a small business forward, from automating processes to enhancing communication.

The insights gained from these questions will enable me to develop an effective strategy for my clients' technological needs.

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