Neeli Shah

Neeli Shah

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Life can be unpredictable and my life has seen some very interesting twists and turns, which is why I chose a career as an Estate Planning Attorney. I am a mom to two very active boys and spend most of my weekends on a tennis court or a soccer field!


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The Law Offices of Neeli Shah, LLC

The Law Offices of Neeli Shah, LLC


3355 Lenox Road NE
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Atlanta, GA 30326


I believe family (biological or adopted) is the most important asset that my clients have. My clients want to make sure any estate plan is going to work within their unique family dynamics and protect the ones they love.


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After every initial meeting, I send the prospective client an intake form that asks for general information about the clients' family as well as their assets and liabilities.  I also scheduled a time for our next meeting - the strategy session, where we dig into the information provided by the client on the data form.  Scheduling the next meeting ensures that the client's work/project keeps moving forward and they know exactly when we will be meeting next and what will be discussed at that meeting.  

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