Rebecca Brizi

Rebecca Brizi

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You know that age when we all wanted to be rockstars? Well, I wanted to be everyone's manager. The wind rather than the flag, planning and advising to make the flag look good.


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R G Brizi

R G Brizi



My clients didn't start their business because they are passionate about management. They are passionate about their craft. They are small business owners who take pride in their name being on the door.


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Mission statements increase employee retention by 54%. Clients often say “I know what my mission statement is, but how do I get my employees excited about the same mission?” It’s the right question: Their work SHOULD mean something to them personally. I move away from the notion of work life balance, because it pitches work against life. Whereas Work is part of life. I offer a 900$ two hour workshop to train employees on writing personal mission statements and relating them to their roles at work, so it all becomes part of a single, inclusive life balance. Your graphic designer wears a themed tie at every event. He wants a business that celebrates every win. Ask him what gets him up smiling in the morning.


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This question got me thinking: I advise my clients against underpromising and overdelivering, and to instead Promise & Deliver. 

The risk is that over-delivery becomes the expected norm. 

What this question did make me think about is something my clients don't always realize I offer, which is additional conversations on the phone or via email. All the work I do with a business will entail a change in its practices, and change - whether big or small - is hard. I price per project or meeting, so extra time with me does not get tracked by 12-minute increments on an hourly charge. Instead, a client can always contact me to clarify points of our work together or ask to go over how to implement it properly or review their outcome. 

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