Rebecca Brizi

Rebecca Brizi

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In those teenage years, when all my friends wanted to be rockstars, I always wanted to be their manager instead. I get excited by other people's creative ideas, and love to be part of what makes them a reality.


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R G Brizi

R G Brizi



Brian didn't start his business because he is passionate about management. He started his business because he is passionate about his craft. He wants the management side to be simple, so I write his plan and make business fun again.


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The words we use matter

I worked with a consulting team of 5 people, and when I asked them what they sold they said “actionable information”. Great. Next I asked what that meant, and they couldn’t answer. They all had advanced degrees in this work, and even they struggled to explain their work without jargon. But if nobody understands what they sell, nobody will want to buy it. It’s why I always open with a question. I re-wrote their value proposition and we added client behaviors and competitive analysis, and for $3500 dollars they re-launched and saw business intake grow almost 30% over 9 months. Introduce me to the attorney who has never sent a document without page numbers, even if it is directions to the lake house, he wants customers who expect quality, ask him what he would say if they outlawed “it depends”.


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Kelly is the CEO if a small business, and after working with me she can be the CEO properly: working on Vision rather than Mission. 

She used to spend all her time fixing day to day needs and tasks. But that's not what a CEO should do. 

To define her proper role we built this Vision vs Mission distinction, where the Mission covers the day to day tasks of the business, and the Vision addresses the future. We designed roles for middle managers, and they took on a lot of what Kelly was doing, and now, Kelly's job is pure Vision. 


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