Parker Jones

Parker Jones

Life Insurance


I really enjoy smooth jazz music, fine dining, travel and reading Tom Clancy novels. i am married, and like having a glass of dry Reisling wine while I sit on the back deck. I believe success is a by product of quality service rendered.


New York Life Insurance Company

New York Life Insurance Company


Ste 400
ALPHARETTA, Georgia 30022-1430


I believe that "to be interesting you have to be interested." I practice due diligence, patience and the art of asking the right questions so I give first, then "diagnose before I prescribe" solutions to my clients with integrity, humanity and service.


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My boss often says "To be interesting, be interested."  When I meet with a team member for coffee, I ask subtle questions about that person's personal background, as well as about their professional background.  I learn about their families, where they are from, where they went to school and sometimes what they do for fun.  That way, I can describe them as people, not just as "task doers."  In my opinion, that makes them sound more appealing to meet from a cient perspective.  It makes the person I am describing sound human.  People want to do business with people they like, but also those they may have something in common with or who seem interesting.  I try to find small things that make people I refer sound attractive, other than just their skill set.  This practice also makes me seem like know the person I am referring, and I think that makes my referral more credible.

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