Patty Williamson

Patty Williamson


I enjoy spending time with my family, husband Todd, our college age children, and friends. We love spending time on the lake, going on hikes, playing games and watching sports. I enjoy volunteering at our church, Eagle Ranch and through Kiwanis.


When referring Sean Johnsen to one of my clients, I would let them know that Sean is an expert at assisting small businesses, making sure they have the proper insurance to cover all aspects of their business.  Sean is an insurance agent they know they can reach when he is needed.  He answers his phone when called and if you miss him, he will call you back the same day!  He will help advise them on the coverage they need and take the time to explain how the coverage will protect them.  Sean is the person you want on your team to help make sure your business continues running smoothly even in those unexpected situations.    

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Silverton Mortgage

Silverton Mortgage


4455 Bogan Gates Dr.
Buford, GA 30519


My best client may be seen with a baseball magnet on the back of their car. They are busy running kids from one event to another. They want clear communication and the details handled promptly. They desire a stress free, smooth, and timely transaction.


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