Piper Chans

Piper Chans

Residential Real Estate Agent

Growing up in a family full of realtors, I have the experience, knowledge, and drive to close a deal and advocate for my clients. An Atlanta resident since the age of 1, I have unique, intimate knowledge of all of Atlanta’s communities and suburbs.


When preparing for a client, I like to make it as specific to them and their situation as possible. Every client comes with a different starting point and end goal. When preparing to meet with both seller and buyer clients I send over an about our team presentation. This presentation is great for our clients to look at so they know what to expect from our family team. Being a good fit for my clients is crucial prior to them making one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives. I am all about relationships and making it a fun, smooth process. Seller and buyer consultations take place before I actually go out to see homes. This comes back to making sure both parties feel working together is a good fit. Hearing people’s stories of why they are selling or buying and getting to know clients on that deeper level allows me to provide the best service possible. The end goal is always leaving the client feeling educated about the process, with no real surprises.

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