Piper Chans

Piper Chans

Residential Real Estate Agent

Growing up in a family full of realtors, I have the experience, knowledge, and drive to close a deal and advocate for my clients. An Atlanta resident since the age of 1, I have unique, intimate knowledge of all of Atlanta’s communities and suburbs.


In Real Estate, referral opportunities occur at any point in the transaction from the initial phone call to closing day. Even years after a client closes on their home, they call my team and I for recommendations for just about anything to do with their home inside and out. When interacting either in person or on the phone with my clients, I really listen to their needs / goals and think about who I have in my sphere who I can trust to take care of them. Most situations are needing a referral to be made asap so I usually tell my client I have someone who can help them if they'd like their information. If they want this contact information, I pass it along to them and then contact the persons name I referred. When I talk to them on the phone, I explain the situation, give basic info and tell them to be on the lookout for a call or email from the individual. At the next powercore meeting, I would then write up the referral record and mark it as done. 

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