Ramona Baptiste CPA

Ramona Baptiste CPA



I am a CPA helping individuals and businesses grow and succeed by focusing on tax preparation and planning, tax resolution, QuickBooks consulting and preparation, and general business consulting.


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RCB Consulting Group LLC

RCB Consulting Group LLC


5051 Peachtree Corners Circle
Suite 200
Norcross, GA 30092


My best client is an individual whose taxes are becoming increasingly complex and may be having issues with the IRS or state. I also focus on individuals who don't understand what is needed to keep their businesses compliant, and need a trusted advisor.



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I take copious notes during meetings so that I can accurately capture important information as well as action items.  I also capture personal notes such as birthdays, hobbies, spouse or kids names, etc.  I summarize my notes in my CRM, and I usually refer back to the CRM notes before meeting with the client again.  If there are referrals for the client that I need to make, I go ahead and create 3 way emails.  In many cases, I send the client or potential client a handout that will give them info needed for our next interaction.  These steps help me to remember little nuances about each client that i can mention during our next meeting, which lets the client know I am prepared and they are important.


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