Robert Goldberg

Robert Goldberg

Estate Attorney

I love walking at Kennesaw or along the Chattahoochee with my wife and my sons. I enjoy vibing to live music and especially going to Bonnaroo with my family. I put the "fan" in fanatic when supporting Michigan football and basketball. GO BLUE!


Guardian for Child

Planning for minor children is the most important part of estate planning because they are our most precious asset! All parents need to put a plan in place to provide the best possible home for their children if the unthinkable happens.

Minor children must have a guardian – the person legally responsible for their care. This is either the “natural guardian” (a custodial parent) or a court appointed guardian. The guardian is responsible for the child’s daily care, and has the duty to make all decisions about the child’s residence, education, religious practices, and medical care.

Parents can select who they want to care for their children in their will. This gives them peace of mind knowing who will raise their kids if the unthinkable happens.

Great referrals for me are parents of new born children. When you see that new mom and dad over the holidays ask them if they are sleeping at night? I can’t help with a baby crying at night. But, I can make sure they aren’t anxious!


My joint 7 minute presentation would be with Justin Ziegler, commercial realtor. This would be a natural good fit since we are natural referral partners for each other. Our presentation would explain the importance of understanding how legal title works in estate planning. We would explain the difference between individual ownership, joint ownership with right of survival, ownership as tenants in common and having a trustee hold title to real estate. Justin could explain how the language in the deed works. I could explain how a living trust can be used to hold title to real estate in order to avoid probate. Justin would explain how he and the closing attorney earn a living. I would tell a few probate horror stories to emphasize how holding title in a trust not only benefits the client but all the realtor and closing attorney since property can often be sold more quickly if the probate process can be avoided.

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Robert M Goldberg and Associates

Robert M Goldberg and Associates


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My best clients want their families to be protected if the unthinkable happens. They are planners who understand planning for disability is necessary and dying is not optional. When I ask them "Can we talk about something more pleasant"? they tell me NO!


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