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One question I am frequently asked is "How much does it cost for estate planning?

1. The wife of a man with Alzheimer's Disease comes in to see me with her daughter. Her husband can no longer bathe, dress or toilet himself. Caring for him at home is wearing her out. She knows he needs long term custodial nursing care so he can get the care he needs without her having a physical or mental breakdown. She is very concerned about going broke because the nursing home cost almost $8,000/month and she does not know she is going to be able to support herself for the rest of her life if she has to private pay for nursing home care.

2. A couple who have recently entered into a second marriage for each of them meets with me. They both have children from their previous marriage. One of the children has a drug problem. They want to make sure they have a plan that takes care of the surviving spouse while still assuring their biological children receive an inheritance.

2. A young couple with children under the age 18 meets with me. There major concern is making sure their children are cared for in the event the unthinkable happens to them. They also want to make sure the kids don't inherit a big pile of money the day they turn 18. Finally, they want to save every last dollar they can on court costs and attorney fees.

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Robert M Goldberg and Associates

Robert M Goldberg and Associates


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The average cost of nursing home care in Georgia is $8,821/Month! It's definitely better to "look" poor than to be poor! I HELP clients qualify for Nursing Home Medicaid to protect their lifesavings for their families.



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