Salah Harrell

Salah Harrell

Intellectual Property Attorney


InfoMinute Seminar 04/18/2022
Orientation Essentials 04/18/2022


Law Office of Salah Harrell, LLC.

Law Office of Salah Harrell, LLC.


235 Peachtree Street NE
Ste. 431
Atlanta, GA 30303



The best IntroMinute I've ever heard is from Jennifer Yoxall. She usually dresses up or incorporates a song describing the person she introduces. It is exceptionally creative and very memorable. Weeks or months later, I can associate the individual she presented with a song or costume. Her InfoMinutes are often the first thing I think about when referring to the individual Jennifer introduced. 

I typically prepare for an IntroMinute by scheduling a coffee with the person I am introducing. I usually plan a virtual coffee if I can't make an in-person coffee. During the coffee, I take notes to remember important details about the person I am introducing. 

Typically my go-to question is, why did you pick your career? That question makes the person open to sharing more information about themselves, and I base my other questions on their response. Ultimately, this should be a conversation, not an interview. 


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