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Samantha Smith

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I’m obsessed with all things related to words and wrote my first "book" at 6 years old. Taking in a Brave's game at Truist Park with my husband and daughter is my favorite summertime activity! My dog is my loyal furbaby and my cat tolerates my existence.


As a digital content marketer, prospects frequently ask to see other work that I've done, as well as the results I've achieved for current clients. I share my newly updated website at, which has a portfolio section so anyone can easily view my past work. Additionally, I keep up to date screenshots of analytics data from accounts I manage (with any identifying client information removed) on my phone, so I can share my recent successes in an email or text message.

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Samantha Smith Creative LLC

Samantha Smith Creative LLC




My clients want to grow their business organically on social media - without adding another task to their plate. They appreciate my done-for-you approach to strategic post creation, and love seeing their analytics reflect an expanding audience!


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