Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

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I’m obsessed with all things related to words and wrote my first "book" at 6 years old. Taking in a Brave's game at Truist Park with my husband and daughter is my favorite summertime activity! My dog is my loyal furbaby and my cat tolerates my existence.


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Online Marketing

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Samantha Smith Creative LLC

Samantha Smith Creative LLC


3480 Preston Ridge Road
Suite 500
Alpharetta, GA 30005


My clients want to grow their business organically on social media - without adding another task to their plate. They appreciate my done-for-you approach to strategic post creation, and love seeing their analytics reflect an expanding audience!


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I always book a call with prospective clients to learn more about their goals with digital marketing. On that call I suggest the services I offer that will be best based on that information. A client will show they are ready to take the next step by verbally agreeing to a plan and then paying the $500 onboarding fee to reserve their start date. Recieving that payment triggers the formal contract and onboarding process to begin. 

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