Kelly Vandever

Kelly Vandever

Residential Real Estate Agent


Love family & friends, motorcycles (have 3), & teaching others to ride. Active in Toastmasters & Alpharetta Presbyterian Church. Married to college sweetheart, mom to 2 wonderful children & children-in-law, Nana to 3 grands, & pet guardian to Dude.



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Keller Williams North Atlanta

Keller Williams North Atlanta


5780 Windward Parkway
Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30004


Whether buying a home or selling a home for the first time… or the first time in a few decades, my clients appreciate how I guide & advise to make the move easier. Plus people appreciate my videos @ to educate on real estate.


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Residential Real Estate Agent

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Mokwang Lima CPP

Mokwang Lima CPP

Jacqueline McKinney

Jacqueline McKinney

Scott Berlyoung

Scott Berlyoung


I’ve been told I’m kind of an expressive person.  Those who know me can maybe speak to that.


When I thank someone for a referral, I want them to see and/or hear me emote my gratitude


If I know I’m not going to see the person face-to-face soon after the referral, I’ll call them on the phone to express my appreciation.


I want them to hear the energy in my voice and sense the sincerity of my gratitude.


If I miss them, I’ve just recently started leaving voice messages through texts.  The voice message function also lets them to hear the excitement and genuine thankfulness in my voice.  Because I really, really, really appreciate when someone trust me enough to refer their friends, family, and clients.


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