Mokwang Lima CPP

Mokwang Lima CPP


I’d stop in my tracks to admire something beautiful (at times, much to the dismay of my husband). I’m a big cheerleader of beauty, finding it in simple things, appreciating unique beauty in the people around me, and showing beauty through my photography.


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Mo Lima Photography, LLC

Mo Lima Photography, LLC


11675 Century Drive
Suite B
Alpharetta, GA 30009


My best clients will avoid do-it-yourself projects. They enjoy being taken care of by a professional who knows what to do, attends to details, gives good advice, and cares about outcomes--whether for great headshots or beautifully styled portraits.


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Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith


I have a process that clients go through before their photo session. I keep track of my client onboarding process in my customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

I must first see that a client has paid their booking fee. This lets me know that they are serious about a session. Then for the higher-value portrait services, I have them complete a questionnaire. That lets me know they are thinking about and hopefully excited about their pre-session consultation.

Then I'll send recommendations about how to prepare for their photoshoot. I can see through my CRM if they've opened this link and in my experience completing all these means they're ready for their pre-session consultation which prepares them for our photo session.

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