Mokwang Lima CPP

Mokwang Lima CPP


I’d stop in my tracks to admire something beautiful (at times, much to the dismay of my husband). I’m a big cheerleader of beauty, finding it in simple things, appreciating unique beauty in the people around me, and showing beauty through my photography.


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Mo Lima Photography, LLC

Mo Lima Photography, LLC


11675 Century Drive
Suite B
Alpharetta, GA 30009


My best clients will avoid do-it-yourself projects at all costs. They enjoy being taken care of by someone who knows what they're doing and attends to detail, whether it's for great headshots, personal brand photos, or beautifully styled portraits.


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Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith


I've not yet included couples' portraiture in my 7-minute presentations. I have had engagement photo sessions and portraits for couples, though it's not something I have talked about yet. I typically focus on headshots for my PowerCore presentations because they're low hanging fruit--everyone needs one and it's a great gateway to other types of photography. But couple's portraits are special. It's a very personal experience and the photographs can be cherished whether or not they have children or once children have left the nest. Couple's portraits are more creative and time intensive than headshots and can be a harder sell--but they are much more profitable. At some point, I plan to include this photography service in infominutes and eventually a 7-minute presentation.

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