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Ben Levy

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Wetherington Law Firm

Wetherington Law Firm




Very rarely is my first interaction with a new or potential client in-person. Generally, new clients call me directly after being referred by someone else (family, friend, another attorney), so I have no notice and no information about the person that I can use to prepare for our first conversation. However, I have been practicing personal injury law long enough - both on the insurance defense side and the plaintiff's side - that I know what questions to ask in order to learn more about their situation and whether I might be able to help. Alternatively, I often receive calls from people I know personally, who give me some background information about their injured friend, family member, colleague, etc., and they will connect me with the potential client later. In those situations, I usually know some of the basics before my first conversation with the potential client, and I am prepared to ask more detailed follow up questions about their injuries, the incident that caused their injuries, etc. 

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