Brandon Saurine

Brandon Saurine


Hello everyone, my name is Brandon Saurine and have been involved in the roofing industry my entire career. I’m married and together my wife and I share a beautiful daughter Jeaneen.


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Roofing Done Wright

Roofing Done Wright


800 battery ave. SE suite 100
Atlanta , Georgia 30339



InfoMinute Seminar 08/15/2022
Orientation Essentials 06/20/2022


Emory Team

Joined on 03/09/2022


ParticipationCoOrdinator 08/03/2022


I hear great intro minutes from all of our team members! I have to say that not once has it seemed like an intro minute wasn't taken seriously for the person being introduced.

Jennifer Yoxall really has some of the best if I had to narrow it down. The way she makes each intro minute relate to the speaker on a personal and professional level is always something I look forward to hearing. She also usually ties a song in the beginning that fits perfect with intro she has prepared.

When I prepare for an intro minute I like to have a coffee/lunch so not only can I learn more about the person being introduced on a professional level but a personal one as well which makes it very easy to put together.

I like to find out what they may be speaking about during their 7 minute so maybe I can relate the intro minute to that as well. 

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