Brian Sulka

Brian Sulka

Business Consultant

I have 5 kids which provide me a sharpened sense of survival. We go striper fishing on Lake Lanier. If you want to start a cold conversation with me ask me about the last large fish that got away.


Filling The Filing Cabinet WorkRoom 09/21/2020
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Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop 08/17/2020
GateOpener Workshop 07/20/2020
Best Client Workshop 06/15/2020
InfoMinute Seminar 06/15/2020
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EOS Worldwide

EOS Worldwide


2510 Highbrooke Trail
Duluth, GA 30097


Entrepreneurial companies between 10-250 employees. Companies that are growth-minded, more afraid of status quo than change, and willing to be vulnerable with themselves and their employees. I work with owners and leadership teams..


John owns a 20 person consulting practice. One of his consultants quit and gave 2-week notice instead of the 4 in the employment contract.

It’s a tight labor market and he has concerns about a few other counselors. Managing critical employees is hard and he’s looking for a way to motivate, engage, and retain them without increasing pay.

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