Candice Morgan

Candice Morgan


Hi I am Candice!

I am the type of businesswoman that:

  1. Will be honest with you.
  2. Genuinely enjoys hearing your story.
  3. Cheers you on and wants you to succeed.
  4. Cares about what type of people I associate my reputation with.

Nice to meet you!


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1100 Abernathy Rd NE
Building 500 Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30328


My best clients are people in charge of hiring at their company such as: HR Coordinators, Office Managers, Talent Acquisition, Internal Recruitment. We focus all of our efforts on recruiting and save our clients time and money.


Passive Candidates

I am a bridge between employers and job seekers, I bring my extensive network and my recruiters proactively reach out to potential candidates – even those who are not actively seeking new opportunities. Think about your ideal new hire for an executive position, are they job-less? Probably not. If they are the cream of the crop, they won't remain jobless for long. Our access to a vast pool of professionals, including passive candidates, can be invaluable for companies seeking top talent. This proactive approach can save employers time and effort while increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect fit for their team. Introduce me to a VP of Operations of a commercial construction company headquartered in Atlanta, ask them if they are a Braves Fan.


As a recruiting agency, my clients are paying for SIMPLICITY. Because candidates are humans, they each have unique resumes with different fonts, formats, even mispellings! I painstakingly reformat and correct all their resumes into a standard, streamlined format. This reduces clutter and helps the client see what they need to see more efficiently. The client is paying me to recruit for them, they don't want to be sifting through resumes that is our job. My candidates are still carrots, but after I am done with them they are beautiful carrots.

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