Jacque Streever

Jacque Streever

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My Faith and my family, husband Fred and daughter Jordan are most important! I grew up in OK and raised Huskies in Montana. We love cats. I love working out and a conversation over a good cup of coffee. My best skill is story telling. Tell me your story!


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Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ind. Pink Cadillac Sales Director

Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ind. Pink Cadillac Sales Director


3450 Blair Circle, NE
Unit 5117
Brookhaven, GA 30319


Katie is a wife, mother and works full time. She loves her Mary Kay Timewise products! They are perfect for busy women who want to care for their skin. Katie has health issues so the lipsticks help to brighten her face and help her look/feel better!


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Giving and receiving Referrals are like GOLD!!!!!


A few weeks ago I was invited by Jenelle Lee-Stephens, Realtor on the Duluth Team to do Mary Kay Makeovers for the Pre-K Teachers where her children go to school!

 Jenelle was going to bring snacks and I introduced her to Jennifer Flores on the Sugarloaf Team!  Jennifer's business is Tastefully Simple and she will be bringing all the snacks for Jenelle's Event! Jenelle and Jennifer spoke on the phone.  I also asked Jenelle what she was bringing for drinks and she mentioned wine. At that point, I shared with her about Jennifer Kwon,a Wine Consultant on the Milton Team who is with Scout & Cellar, Clear-crafted Wines. I made a call to Jennifer and gave her Jenelle's number so they connected!

Jennifer, Jennifer and myself will all be able to help Jenelle with her Pre-K Teachers Event!

To me, the "Garnish" is quick follow-through, making introductions immediately to the people involved becasue you can make things happen sooner than later!  The "4"of us, all connected through PowerCore will benefit while showing Jenelle's Pre-K Teachers what a difference they make in Jenelle's childrens lives!

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