Chase Waldroup

Chase Waldroup


Ethical, Strong Communication, Loyalty would be some of my most cherished qualities. Hobbies: Fishing, Racing Events, Concerts.


Rhino Restoration Of Georgia

Rhino Restoration Of Georgia

1877 New Kemp Rd
Marietta, GA 30066


A roof over your head is one of the most important aspects of a home, and it’s also an investment that should never be taken lightly. Whether your property is commercial, or residential and we’ll handle it all from start to finish.


InfoMinute Seminar 02/19/2024
Orientation Essentials 02/19/2024
Best Client Workshop 02/19/2024
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/18/2023
InfoMinute Seminar 12/18/2023
Orientation Essentials 10/17/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 10/17/2022


East Cobb Team

Joined on 10/03/2022


TeamCoOrdinator 06/02/2023
MembershipCoOrdinator 04/04/2024


Studying the roof straetgist and HAG classes allows me to stay on top on the industry as the roofing world grows.

My boss would be my mentor when it comes to growth, with over 20 years of experience I'm able to learn what was ok and what now has changed.

Attending roofing conferences allows for different perspective on how to approach the homeowner with knowledge about the right product for their home.

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