Connie Bridges

Connie Bridges

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My hobbies include plants, my pup and being active. I love to hike and kayak. I've section hiked the Appalachian trail through Georgia. I have two sons that are both foodies, when we get together we love cooking and sharing laughs around the table.


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Robert Worrill

Robert Worrill


How do I keep my referral attention Sharp ...   By being prepared for the meetings so that I can focus my attention on the members as they share bits of information that will trigger a referral when I am having conversations with clients and co-workers. 


Where is the most unique place you've found to keep referral records.... Nothing unique.  I put all the information from the referral record on my prospect spread sheet.   If I'm the one that is expected to connect I will reach out the same day I receive the referral by text to set up a time to talk.   I will then add that time to my calendar and set a one-week reminder after the scheduled 1st call.   I was stapling them to the meeting sheet but I've recently been keeping them all together in a spot next to my desk. 

When do you prepare them?  Usually at the meeting.  I have completed them before the meeting and I feel that doing them when you think of the referral is best practice.  





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Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage

Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage


4170 Ashford Dunwoody Road
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GateOpener Workshop 03/20/2023
Best Client Workshop 02/20/2023
Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop 12/19/2022
InfoMinute Seminar 12/19/2022
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