Dan Cornett

Dan Cornett

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New to Atlanta, dog Dad extraordinaire, & I love being outside hiking, playing sports, or just enjoying the Hotlanta sun! Other than that, nutrition/health & wellness is my life and I'm always pushing myself to learn more and grow as a coach.


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Dan Cornett Nutrition LLC

Dan Cornett Nutrition LLC


2520 White Oak Dr
Decatur, GA 30032


My clients are busy professionals who don't have time to research how to be healthy. They realize that they feel "off" & that they may not be as sharp mentally or physically as they were in their 20s. My goal is to bring back the vitality of their youth!


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Dontrell is 3 spots to the right from me on the roster so I'll go with him! I think our clients could be somewhat similar in the fact that they generally are aware that they have a problem... i.e. a leaky roof, or some underlying health issue, but they don't always know how to resolve it. That's where we, as the experts come in and provide a plan and course of action to remedy the problem. 

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